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» You are asking yourself why:

  • When you open a valve there is no increased flow.
  • The pump on your unit frequently blows its seal.
  • An increase in distillation tower top reflux makes fractionation worse.
  • A heat exchanger on your unit always fouls before scheduled cleaning.
  • The fired heater run length on your unit is suddenly so short.
  • There is no more heat to the distillation tower when steam flow to the reboiler is increased.
  • The vacuum is so low on your vacuum tower.
  • There is no increased cooling after installing that new condenser or overhead cooler.
  • The water cooler fouls even faster after changing the number of passes.
  • The computer simulation does not predict current operation.
  • Control loop does not work.
  • You have been asked to approve a drawing for new or revamped equipment which you do not understand and have no way to know if the equipment would work as shown. 

These are just a small selection of the myriad process questions that we can help you answer.

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